07 April 2008

Wake Up Dreamer, It's Happening Without You

I'm sending my resume into Lush today, and I REALLY hope I get the job. Shan says I was made for it, but let's just hope the manager feels the same way.
I also can't wait for this summer. Seriously, CANNOT WAIT. In June: Bonnaroo, July: Pitchfork, and August: Lollapalooza. Which just brings more emphasis to the job situation.
But it's also looking more and more like I'll be living in the city this summer, in my own place. This simultaneously scares me shitless and and excites the hell out of me.
This week is going to be INSANE, I have a ton of homework, a ton of appointments, and a ton of phone calls to make. WOO, I won't be too social for a while.
Well sort of, I'm sure I'll go work out with Kristy or something. A lot. I'm getting that itch again.
And I'm really feeling good about things, more than usual. I feel really optimistic, and like things are really falling into place.
I like control.
And I feel ready to walk away from a lot of the relationships I have with some people, which I think will be endlessly healthy for me, and I'm also ready to let some people back in.
I've had a good week, and I realized a lot about myself.
The thing that scares me about getting a job is that I might not be able to see people as much, but I figure if I get my own place, that may work out a lot better.
I've really been pushing myself lately, but in a good way, I don't know if it's the weather or what, but I've been really social and going out a lot more than I typically would. And it's been working out really well.
Oh and can I just say, Bloc Party at Lollapalooza... Dream come true. I'll be the one screaming "KELE!!!!!!!!!!!!" and dancing like a buffoon.

Bad habits.
We all have them.
Some of them are obvious, others aren't as easy to see.
I smoke, but I have so many other demons lurking below, and one of them seems to be creeping back up.
But it's a rush and I'm excited, and I've found someone to partake with me.
Hoorah for guilt free.
Keep those complements coming.

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