20 April 2008

But I'd Rather Not Be Seen

I went for a walk with Michelle and Kristy today.
We went to Border's and Whole Foods.

Earlier I watched "Garden State."
It's such a good movie.
I applaud Zach Braff for making it, he plays such a happy go lucky person on "Scrubs" so it's always good to see different sides to actors. You would never guess that he had such issues with depression.

Depression is a strange thing isn't it? With some people it's so apparent when they're depressed, with others, you wouldn't really know would you? I think part of it is that most people want to turn a blind eye when people are depressed, whether it is purposeful or not. What I mean by that is you can think a person is depressed and choose not to acknowledge it, or you are so wrapped up in yourself that you simply don't see it. Instead, most people assume that it will just go away, which it typically does. Just not all the time. And most of the time, people have no idea why they are depressed, which makes it tricky. I mean, how can you help a person if they don't even know what's wrong? Most of the time when people are depressed, they don't even want help. They don't want people to know, but depression can be hard to hide. Then you have depressed people that are really good at masking it, sometimes, you would never know. I'm being redundant, aren't I?

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