17 April 2008

Live The Dream Like The 80s Never Happened

Well today I really wanted to get up early so I could get more done, but that really didn't happen, but hopefully now it will. I have a to do list about a million miles long, so hopefully I can work it all out. I've got so much to do!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, I have faith in myself, I can do it. Hopefully I can get everything done between today and tomorrow so I can just take it easy this weekend. Or clean. Probably clean, unless by some miracle I get that done within the next couple of days. Ha! Yeah right...

I'm really considering laying low for the rest of the weekend, I'm just so overwhelmed lately, you know? I feel like everyone has just been... I don't know... I love my friends but... Whatever. I say it but the odds of me meaning it are slim.

I'll probably just creep on Skype and wait for Liss to come on since I haven't talked to her in ages. And I miss her. And I just want her to come home. Lately I go to my phone, look at it, and realize I can't call her, because she's off in the jungle. It depresses me like you don't even know. I just want her home. Now. Ugh.

I've really got to stop being such an emo crap face.


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