11 April 2008

Money to burn, money to burn, money to burn

So I went shopping yesterday (2 days ago now?) and I bought ridic amounts of fun stuff at Ulta. It's so easy to spend money there. Seriously. I got a ton of new makeup and stuff, and I bought new hair dye, so that will (hopefully) be happening soon. Probably next week, I talked to Becky and now Amanda wants to help. We're talking about going to Taboo Taboo (my fave sex shop... which is currently hiring...hmmmm...) and then dying my hair, it should be good times. And I'm finally getting my hair cut next week, at Ulta. Goodbye money.
AND I found a waxing place in Lincoln Park, which is apparently the BEST in the city, so adios dinero. Oh well, I'll have a job soon so it will be okay.
Also, I woke up this morning will total lack of voice, I seriously sound like my 13 year old brother, if he were about to cry. Madness. Came out of nowhere I feel like.
Well I only have time for a quick update, time to get back to my insomnia, peace out.


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