22 April 2008

Keep Your Secrets Secret.

Have you ever realized that you don't need as many people in your life as you have? And then you start to think about how you've made it without them? You don't really need them around.
I've been stressing so hard about not being able to get a hold of one of my friends, which is what I think triggered my breakdown the other night, and now I realize, why bother getting so worked up about it? There's really nothing to worry about if they don't care, or at least put forth an effort. You can't get upset about it because if they won't try, why should it matter? You obviously don't need them in your life to begin with, especially if all it seems to do is stress you out.

Ah, it felt good to get that out there.

Anywho, yesterday Michelle and I went for smoothies, then later, we went for a walk. We went to Lush on Armitage, then we went to Argo. It's becoming our routine, Lush and Argo hahaha. I like it. Today I think we should go to Swirlz, well it's what I'm hoping. I can't see her saying no. They're cupcakes for crying out loud!
Michelle really helped to cheer me up yesterday, even though we didn't really talk about much, we just sort of walked around and talked about other things. I liked it. Then again, I've decided to keep all of this to myself, so... it's okay. I'm glad I have her here.
Last night she got me Coldstone and we watched a lot of Degrassi. It was amazing and we were cracking jokes and I felt somewhat like my normal self. I love her to pieces. Even if she's messy. She's still the greatest roommate in the whole world.


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