08 April 2008

Play It Cool Boy, Play It Cool

I've got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. Well actually more of a busy afternoon/evening. Ho hum. It's alright I guess, I'll just have to spend the morning doing homework. Yippee...
I've still got a million and two things to do tonight, but that's fine.
Tomorrow I have to go to class, then I'll have like an hour or so to kill, then I'm meeting Kristy and we're heading to Ulta so I can pick up some stuff and then we'll meet Michelle at the bookstore, and then shopping, WOO, and then I'll probably head back here, then homework.
Kristy and I also have to get Michelle's birthday gifts, which we are having issues making time for, but I think we'll be fine. Hopefully Thursday or Friday or something, we'll see. Oo, I just remember new Office on Thursday, FINALLY.
Yikes, I also have to get birthday cards: Aunt Lisa, Mikey, my mommy, and Auntie Carol. I already got Michelle's so that's good. I've got a lot going on this week.
Oh well, it's fine...
I like being busy, it makes me forget about things, I just get focused on getting specific tasks done on time.
But for now, it's back to reading...

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