31 March 2008

Two Riders Were Approaching.

It's the first day of a new trimester, the last trimester of my first year at DePaul.
It's hard to believe, it's all been going by so fast.

This time around I have: Math, Plato's Republic, Art History, and Historical Concepts. Note that I am an English major and I have no English classes. Oh the joys of being one of the last Freshmen to register. Oh well, I'll make up for that later I guess. I may take a couple of courses over the summer, I haven't really decided yet.

Oh I've got about a million things to do today, but lately I've been real good at getting things done when I say I will, so yay me.

I also may have a job soon which will be fab. A steady flow of income would make me endlessly happy.

What doesn't make me happy? The fact that "I'm Not There" does not come out on DVD until May 6th. And I was going to pre-order it on Amazon, but who knows what Border's will do with it? Oh well, a little more than a month away. I can handle it, I can handle it.


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