14 March 2008

I Love Jason Mraz.

This happens at least once a month, I become obsessed with Jason Mraz all over again.
It usually lasts two weeks [so yes if you do the math, sometimes this happens all month long].
And it's happening now.
He will forever be my favorite musician of all time. Yes I love Bloc Party and Something Corporate, but Jason Mraz will always be number one in my heart.

And can I just say...UTI's SUCK. I cannot wait until this stupid thing goes away.

I went to the hospital Monday night and it was AWFUL.
They didn't know what was wrong with me and basically took a stab in the dark with the UTI meds, and it's safe to assume they were right.

But I did get to go stay with my Alex love for a few days. It was fab.
I honestly love that girl so much, she makes me so happy.
We watched A TON of movies. It was ridiculous. We almost had death by film.
Oh and I learned at night, she is a super hero with obscenely large breasts.
Oh, it's true.

Blehhhhhhhhh one more final to go!
I have to figure out what I'm doing tonight, because I honestly have no clue.


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