20 March 2008

I Don't Love You, So Come Love Me

So I've done about a million things today so I could go home tonight, and now I'm not.
I'm going back to Lompton tomorrow instead, so definitely a hectic day tomorrow too.
Oh well.

I really need to buy "Waitress," ever since I watched it with Alex, I want to watch it all the time. And I need "Atonement" too. Actually, come to think of it, there's lots of movies I want.

Cut to me desperately needing a job. I for real have got to get on that.

I'm also hella sad, I don't know when I'm going to see Alex again [I get emo over two days without her] and I'm going to be at my house until Easter, then I'm at my dad's until Thursday, then I'll finally back and she'll be in Buffalo. BITCH. Haha, I kid, sort of...

Blehhhhhh, okay now what am I supposed to do with myself now that I've gotten everything done? [For the most part].

Aw I had a meeting with my fave English professor today, I'm really going to miss her but apparently she's teaching another class next fall, so I'm going to be all over that. She also gave me her copy of "Wuthering Heights," aka my favorite book of all time since mine was falling apart. Oh how I love her.


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