22 March 2008

Hot Fcuking Commodity.

I know this sounds vain or whatev, but maybe I should stop being so awesome and lovable.
Probably not.

Bleh, so I'm back in Lompton now, and then I have to head back to Chi-Town tomorrow after family Easter festivities, then I head to Wisconsin on Monday after taking care of a bunch of mess at school. DePaul is a bit messed up but I'll get it all taken care of. Hopefully. Yikes.

My mother and I are actually getting along while I'm here, it's nice. Nobody better fuck that up haha. I mean I guess we can only handle each other in small doses. And I've been having a fab time with my [favorite] little bro Ryan. Yeah I play favorites, whatev. But even my teen angst ridden brother Mikey and I have been getting along. I gave him new music, so I think that's what did it haha. Oh well, bribery if it works right?

I've been working on a bunch of mixes for peeps, I love it. It's prob one of my fave things ever.

I should probably try to get to sleep seeing as I have to help my mother hide eggs in the morning, but it's not yet eleven so we'll see how that goes.


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