17 March 2008

No Diggity, No Doubt

So I'm pretty sure tomorrow is officially going to be the busiest day ever, but that's cool. I guess. It'll keep me busy, and from thinking of other things. So I'm down.

I have some stuff to do before bed [maybe for once I will get more than the 1 and half/ 2 hours I've become used to, 3 has been FANTASTIC lately] and then I need to make my little list/ schedule for tomorrow [HELLO OCD]. Oh well, I feel like I will be determined tomorrow. Maybe I'll make a special playlist on iTunes, that always seems to help.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Awesome story, last night Tyler was iming me and I told him how Ben's roommate John thinks Tyler and I are soulmates and, he agreed, and we were just talking about things, and I should add that this conversation began with an arguement as to whether or not I am a perv, and then he said that everyone is a little sex obsessed, but ANYWHO he said the greatest thing ever to me after I told him about the soulmate thing, and he said, "Awww we would be a cute sex obsessed couple." I know it sounds ridiculous, but it seriously makes me endlessly happy. This is not the Tyler I know, but I LOVE it! Haha, does this make me a perv? Oh well.

So I've been obsessing over Klaxons and The Rapture lately, like nobody's business. Currently, I have the Klaxons' cover of the song "No Diggity" [yeah remember that gem?] on repeat. It's amazing. They're amazing. Eeeeep! It makes me so happy. Yikes but I still have a lot to do, which is the perk of insomnia, I basically get everything done that I need to. My mother's worried about it, but I don't know what I'd do without it. I'd never get anything done. Ever.

Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but oh well.

Bleh, alright alright, time to finish some stuff and attempt sleep. Adequate amounts of sleep. As in more than three. Honestly though, I don't know what I'd do with myself if I got five or six. Maybe self destruct. Who knows?


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