22 January 2008

Where Are We?

So this is about to be an obscenely long blog, I'm going to start with that, I can feel it already. I have so much to say and I only hope that I can get it all out.
Where to begin, where to begin?
Ok this past weekend, I was with my favorite Aunt (Lisa) and I had so much fun!
I spent time with my thirteen year old cousin, Sammi, she honestly reminds me of an exact mini version of myself, or at least me at thirteen. It's eerie.
But I had a really amazing talk with my aunt about a lot of things. She's honest, but in a sweet way. Honestly, she is exactly the type of woman I would like to be when I'm older. She's such an amazing mother, wife, and person.
We went shopping on Friday, and I shopped at Hollister for the first time. I got magenta skinny pants, for $9.90. Holla! I was mega excited, I got a lot of new clothes this weekend. I'm very happy. Oh and my aunt also bought my cousin and I the same Jonas Brothers shirt, hilarious. I actually wore my Jonas Brothers shirt and magenta pants today, complete with side ponytail, mainly because I could. Haha.
I also miss Alex.
Endlessly. It didn't really hit me until today. But I truly miss her.
I talked to her on the phone for like an hour today, and it made it worse.
I really miss her. A lot. *sigh*
Oo oo! So my cousin Michelle and I decided to go to Border's today, which turned into an amazing adventure. We ended up walking all over the city, and it was FREEZING, but we still had a good time.

So this is why I should never be allowed into Border's with vast amounts of gift cards and money.

Yeah, that's nine new books. I'm pretty excited, they're basically motivation to finish "Atonement" and "North and South." But If you look closely, "About A Boy" is an autographed copy. Yeah, I'm a nerd. Whatev. Haha. I honestly find myself updating my goodreads account more than facebook. It's an obsession.
I love reading more than anything. I need to find a job that suits this. ASAP.
I really do need a job, I want to work at Border's so bad, I probably should have checked to see if they were hiring. Zut alors!
Okay, on to the elephant in the room: Heath Ledger.
I am endlessly sad about this and feel like crying. I truly believe it was an accident, I think that he wouldn't do something like that in the middle of filming a movie, and more importantly, to his two year old daughter. And I think it's so sick that they took pictures and filmed video of his body leaving his apartment. Honestly, that's such a private matter, no one needs to see it. It's just so sad, they're making him out to be Anna Nicole Smith, when I think he should be compared to James Dean. Heath Ledger was only twenty-eight, he was gone too young. He was also an incredibly talented actor, I mean "Brokeback Mountain" anyone? Alex and I are going to watch it together and bawl our eyes out. *sigh* It's just all really upsetting.
Well I have a feeling I had more to say, but now I can't think of it.

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