28 January 2008

Times They Are A-Changin...

So everyone should go see "I'm Not There," it was sincerely the most amazing movie I've seen since "Green Street Hooligans." Anyone who knows me, knows that's me saying A LOT.
But I basically had the most amazing day yesterday. I love happy accidents.
I've been mega sick lately, and Alex came over to take care of me on Saturday. Sunday, I felt better, so we decided to go see "I'm Not There" but got on the wrong el line. So we ended up walking to a different theatre and saw "Atonement." It was mega good, but I'm glad I've read like half of the book, or I feel like I wouldn't have understood certain parts so well.
After that we went to Border's and wandered for a while. I got "Brokeback Mountain" and "Wide Sargasso Sea." Alex got a French magazine.
After that we were hungry so went to this place called Soupbox. Well Alex couldn't have any of the soups there, so they guys there felt bad, and gave her a free salad. They were mega nice and we ended up hanging out and talking to them for a while. The one guy called Alex a loser and I thought I was going to die of laughter. We plan on going and seeing them again. They were hilarious. But while we were there we decided to go see "I'm Not There" since there was another showing at 10.
So we saw it.
And I fell in love.
I really think you have to see "Velvet Goldmine" to appreciate it, but even so, if you like Dylan, you will like that movie. I couldn't get over it. I can't stop thinking about it, or listening to Dylan for that matter.
I really want the soundtrack. I need it.
But yeah, so we walked to the red line stop, and the last train was leaving as we were walking up. So we had to walk a few more blocks to the next station, but I liked it.
I adore walking around the city at night, no matter how creepy it is.
And Alex and Jenna brought me cupcakes on Saturday. I felt bad I didn't really get to meet Jenna, but I know there will be more chances.

Swirlz cupcakes cure illness, I'm convinced.
2 movies in 1 day.


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alex said...

haha! that guy! "YOU'RE A LOSER!"

I would just like to say that yes, I am a loser for Christian Bale.