23 January 2008

Cause I Was Tired Of Lying

I am so sick! This is horrible, absolutely horrible.
I cannot stop getting headaches. I hope I am better by the GirlTalk concert on Friday, I'll feel real bad if I don't go. And I'll be very sad.
But Jessy said either way she is going to visit on Saturday, which is exciting.
I really want to see Alex this weekend too, I'm actually going to ask her to come stay with me the first weekend of February.
And I need to find a good weekend to stay with Jessy.
Basically, my weekends are gonna be mega full for a while.
But I still really want a job. Badly.
But first I need to stop being so sick. I feel terrible. My head is constantly pounding. I hate it, getting up is a hassle. Like me head feels like it weighs a million pounds. I am currently laying here, typing this, it's awkward haha.
Oo oo! I got a lot farther in "Atonement" today, I'm excited.
I haven't eaten anything except Wheat Thins today, so I think I'm going to try to order a sandwich from Uncle Sammy's. I really hope they're open. I'm SO hungry.

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