14 January 2008


So I turned nineteen a few days ago.
It's pretty exciting. My final year as a teenager, aka my final year to use "teen angst" as an excuse. It's also pretty strange because it has occurred to me that after this, I enter my 20's. Yikes. But I'm fairly optimistic for this new year, I want to accomplish so much in my life, and I'm finally feeling ready to get those things accomplished.
Oo I also am pretty excited about the money I should have by the end of the week, my last paycheck from work is finally coming in.
But I promise I'm going to be better at saving, and since I'm all stocked up on food, I really have no excuse to waste money. Even though I need new clothes, and could use a good spree at Border's. I really want to try to get a job there, I think it would be perfect.
I also really want to drop my philosophy class, but I'm scared I would be considered a part time student and I wouldn't be able to stay here with my Kelly. =[ sadness.
I'm going to call tomorrow to find out. Wow, there's a lot I need to get done. I wanted to today, but I'm beyond the valley of exhaustion. I did get some stuff done though, I love crossing things off of my to do list. It makes me feel good, and like I'm actually accomplishing things. But I have a ton of stuff left.
I could also really use some quarters. I need to do laundry like nobody's business. I still have underwear, but socks are starting to lack. Hmm, time to go shopping?

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alex said...

you have one these now!! awesome!