13 May 2008

You're My E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G

I have my call back for Lush today, at 4. I'm really debating showering now or later. After already being out in public unwashed, it's a tough call. Blehhhhh I feel like I have more to do today than I probably actually do. I definitely have to mail my old phone back... [Yeah still haven't done that, I keep forgetting].

I'm really going back and forth with this whole going home and commuting to work this summer or staying in the city. I would just rather make sure I can afford it. I guess I'll find out after today. If they hire me as part time, even though I asked for full time, I plan on getting a second job. I mean I wouldn't give up working there for anything if they'll have me. And I hear they give nice bonuses sometimes. And that just sounds fantastic.

I don't know, I've been thinking of other ways to get money. It's rough. I really don't know how
kids next year plan on going to school full time, and then paying for a place in Lincoln Park, I don't care how many people you're living with. Especially since most of these people have no desire to get a job. I guess that happens sometimes.

I've also been thinking about looking into film once I come back to school. Kelly was saying I could do really well at it. My issue is [I've said it before, and I'll say it again] I can't necessarily see myself tied down to one thing for the rest of my life. I could definitely be a writer, because writing is something that allows for leisure, and when inspiration strikes. But like one constant job? No thank you. I've been thinking about a lot of things. Like when I come back, I can double major in like film and English. I've also been wondering if I should take classes on Journalism, possibly. I'm more interested in Fiction, except if I become a travel writer, I may been my degree in Journalism, hmm...something to look into I guess. I've also been reading up on Cosmetology and have talked to some people that took it in high school. Except I'm not so much interested in hair as I am makeup. Who knows? I can be extremely wishy washy. I'm really looking forward to be able to figure a lot of this out over the next year. Granted I still have about a month of school left. But I've felt extremely motivated lately. I finally feel like I'm regaining control in my life.

It's been really hard finding an apartment lately, but I'm confident that I'll find a decent one that I can afford. And honestly, I don't mind if they're small, but I require a decent sized kitchen. The one I have now isn't so bad, because it's open, but a lot of these are so cramped! I'm typically not claustrophobic, but just looking at some of these makes me hyperventilate. This one place I found, I'm thinking about getting the convertible instead of the one bedroom, seems perfect. It's downtown on Ohio, right by Lake Shore Drive, so it has a great view. My biggest issue is that it says it has a balcony, but I can't find one in the pictures, um hi, I'm a smoker. Oh well I guess if I go look at it, I'll see. There's a few places I saw. We shall see. The other issue with said place is that it is $$$$$$$. I mean I probably could afford it [and just live without cable or internet] but I would not have a lot of excess cash at the end of the month. But my family said they would help me out. But they probably wouldn't be able to help out too much. Gah! It's so hard being a big girl! I kind of want a big girl job, but I don't really know how to go about that, especially since I'm not done with school yet. In fact, I'm taking next year off.

I cleaned soooooooo much yesterday, I didn't get to the bedroom yet, or finish organizing my desk, or do the dishes, but I did clean the bathroom, and clean the dining/living area. So I'm quite proud of that. My goal for the day is to finish cleaning, take the garbage out, and do at least at least a few loads of laundry. I'm nervous about this trial run at Lush, so I guess this is all entirely possible. [I'm not a stress eater, I'm a stress cleaner]. I've also got a lot to plan, now that everyone is coming home, everyone wants to visit, I'm not quite sure how this is going to work if I get the job, but we shall see.

I feel like that's my mantra lately "We shall see." It always seems quite applicable to my life lately.

Anywho, Jessy is coming out tomorrow FINALLY. I think I'm going to go stay with Liss for a few days this weekend, like Friday to Monday or something. I know she could use the company right now. And I would really like to see Alex soon. Like real soon. I mean I have all of this gluten free food, and no Celiac to eat it. And she has my favorite Lush stuff. And we still have many many movie marathons to have. And I guess Kevin wants to come out not this weekend but next weekend.

Possibly my longest post ever.
Congrats if you have made it this far.
Without skimming.


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alex said...

I didn't skim.

"I mean I have all of this gluten free food, and no Celiac to eat it." haha. cute.

love yous

good luck at LUSH!!