15 May 2008

This Isn't Goodnight This Is Goodbye

Okay, probably the only time I have to update today is now. I have to clean and do the dishes [oh but Marissa didn't you JUST clean, like two days ago? Why yes, I did, but my roommate apparently could care less]. Ugh I have no energy, I think I'm just going to make multiple pots of coffee and that will be that. I need something to get me motivated. Sup caffeine?
Also, I have to figure out when I'm heading to DeKalb today. "The Office" finale is tonight and Kelly is probably going to want me here to watch it. But I'm also going to see Alex tonight. AND Mal and I are supposed to get together at some point tonight. Hmm... decisions, decisions. I guess Kelly won't really care if I'm not here. She hasn't been here to watch it the past three weeks, so what will make it different this week? She'll probably have sorority stuff.
Ugh I have such a stomach ache today since I ate SO MUCH yesterday. Bleh, I don't even want to think about food. AT ALL.
Alright, alright, I'm going to start cleaning, I'm going to start cleaning...


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