09 May 2008

I Can Charm Them All

Alright so VERY busy day today.
I was mega busy yesterday so I didn't get to update, and this is the only time I have today.

Yesterday I never stopped moving.
At 11 I had to shower and what not, then at 1 I met up with Michelle [student center, mail, bank, MetroPark, Ulta, Jimmy John's, Sephora, Victoria's Secret] after I got back Becky wanted to go look at an apartment, then I had to henna my hair [which didn't even work, I think I'll have to leave it on longer next time] and then Kelly got home and I dyed her hair, then she wanted to try on our outfits for tonight and then I was exhausted and completely crashed.

Today is even more ridiculous, this is the only downtime I have. I have A LOT of cleaning to do, then I have to get ready, then job interview, then shower and what not, and then I have to head to the party. There's actually a lot more I have to do today, I would just be here all day typing it all out. Ughhhhhhhhh...

I'm really excited to see Steve tonight though, we've got plans, let me tell you...

I don't know if I'll have time to update again this weekend, but I'll try.


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