06 May 2008

Running on Bravado

It's such a beautiful day outside!
Michelle and I are going for a walk to Ulta in a little over an hour. I think it will be fun, I've never not had a good time on our walks. Even when I feel like I'll never be okay, going on walks with her always help.
I've actually gotten a lot done today too. Go me. I've got a busy weekend ahead of me, and an even busier weekend in the distance. But this weekend is going to be amazing. Except maybe Friday... We'll see I suppose.
I've just had so much going on, I feel like I'm finally getting back in control. It's a euphoric feeling. And apartment hunting is SOOOOOOOOOOOOON!! I cannot wait. And I'm completely available to go wherever in the city I choose, which is good.
I feel like today is going by so slowly. I just want it to be 3, oh shit I'm going to miss the Golden Girls. Oh well I'm sure I've seen those episodes like a million times at least.


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