03 July 2008

Fresh to Death

Oh my, it's been AGES. I apologize.
I've actually been inspired to update after a meeting I had for work last night. We talked about a lot of things last night, and I realized just how proud I am to work for that company. For instance, did you know the reason Lush isn't on the PETA list is because it exceeds PETA's standards? Or that we're developing palm-free soaps, and actually sharing the formula with other companies, so that palm isn't being used? Not many companies would do that. We talked a lot about minimal packaging, and the like. We also discussed new products [and oh boy, you guys are gonna LOVE them, I know I already do]. Also my manager, Kelly, brought a whole bunch of Retro Lush products and some of the new ones, and let us each pick four, it was awesome. I can't wait for our Retro Lush parties this weekend. I'm also excited for the changes we're going to be making at out store. I truly wouldn't want to work anywhere else. Oh! And Kelly and A.M. gave us spa treatments last night, like foot, hand, and face treatments. They're amazing. Truly.


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